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√ The Penal Colony

The times are running gradually inwards this colony, together with that I get got fourth dimension to create anything that I savour doing when I believe it. Meanwhile, inwards betwixt my spontaneous together with idle actions, I listen the large position out of birds singing, the gentle body of body of water climbing away, the squirrel's squeaky rhythm, together with that I get got pleasance inwards the sight of all of the greenery that surrounds mepalm trees, banana trees, together with the fantastic mangoes, the bougainvillea, along amongst the flowering hibiscus, inwards improver to the colossal banyan that protects together with covers my residence together with somebody past times the sunlight. They saturate my expanse amongst joy together with oxygen.

 The times are running gradually inwards this colony The Penal Colony

The remainder of life is likewise idiotic every bit my breath, either throughout the 24-hour interval together with during the night, i time the Queen of the Night, that sleeps, opens its blossoms, saturating the atmosphere amongst the intoxicating smell of roses. I glance the Sun ascent much past times the tall trees fencing my house, the skies brightening, together with the crows coming my balcony expecting to larn a span bites of my breakfast. Not today, non today, I get got already eaten all of it, together with also the crumbles belong into the rodents now.

Following a real long time, I compose inwards pencil on the laptop, similar many ages back. The charge per unit of measurement together with the creepy dissonance of the ink which fixes on the paper are synchronous amongst the speed of my idea, my disposition of the 2nd along amongst the lush nature that surrounds me. I breathe deeply together with expression upward to the skies, together with downwardly into the ground, together with at the midst to the trees which combine the measurements. Seems, early on morning time scents, 200-degree eyesight, the season of breakfast inwards my ain mouth, along amongst the atmosphere on my pare encircle my senses together with complete the gift.

The encephalon wants its business office together with wonders if this actually is a penal colony or fifty-fifty a ornament opor-garai I won or got around fashion I also don't empathize or recall. It is upward to me to pick. Meanwhile, a bunny bellows from sight, together with my ears are inwards celestial bliss.

With all of my love,

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